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The legal section, required by various laws for online interaction. We are not attorneys, we are researchers and developers who built RamSync because we needed a tool, and now want to share it with you.

In non-legal terms (the following is neither binding nor contractual in nature and is only the opinion of the creators), we have to collect some user data to allow for secure authentication into the RamSync platform. We use some of the most advanced tools available because we care about privacy. We don’t sell your information to others, but we do have partners, tools, and vendors who may obtain various levels of access to some data during the course of business.

We built what we believe is the best collaborative connected not taking tool on the world. We used some of the latest technology, best practices, and super clever (at least we think so) integrations to pull it off. We designed it for high-availability, high-speed, and security. However we cannot guarantee it will work for you, yet if you give it a try we think you will fall in love with it. We are excited to have you join us on the journey!


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