• The @ is where it’s at! @bsolutely!
    At RamSync, we believe in connections. Life is all about the connections that tie everything together. This is a quick guide on using RamSync’s various connections. We use the @ designation for all RamSync connections. Simple. Intuitive. Familiar. There are three ways Notes and ideas can relate to one another. A uni-direction connection, bi-direction connection,…
  • Lines and Edges for Better Mind Maps
    A Zettelkasten with digitally connected notes is revolutionary: an ideal approached by many and yet achieved by only a few. Automatically transforming that Zettelkasten into a mind map? Well, that’s a new level only RamSync has unlocked! With nearly a dozen pre-built layouts, mind maps and knowledge graphs are a snap! Here we’ll take a…
  • Graph Traversal Algorithms: Finding Your Missing Connections with Math
    Graphs are great! They quickly show groups of nodes (or Notes in RamSync) and connections. Such visualizations are a powerful tool for learning and analytics. However, the more notes and connections in your graph, the more difficult it is to quickly spot the key insights from your graphs. As graphs grow in size and complexity…
  • RamSync: A Professor’s Guide to Structuring Better Notes
    “Ideas are simply networks of other ideas” Steven Johnson: How We got to now The RamSync note platform is the most flexible and powerful anywhere. Dr. Christina Lommatsch believes this versatility is key for both researchers and students to take better notes. To take notes like a professor, Dr. Lommatsch recommends sparing a thought or…
Time to Increase Your Productivity: Introducing the Pomodoro Technique
Creativity | Productivity | Student
Time to Increase Your Productivity: Introducing the Pomodoro Technique

Turbocharge your productivity with easy to implement time management tools and tips from Dr. Lommatsch. Find out how, and what to prioritize.

Unfortunately, most individuals’ time management processes clashes with natural biology instead of working seamlessly to maximize productivity and reduce burnout. In this article we are going to look at a better time management system, the practical steps to implement, and the thought process to break down large projects and chose the right tasks.

The Zettelkasten: Why It’s So Powerful, and Why You Need One!
Business | Productivity | Research | Student | Zettelkasten
The Zettelkasten: Why It’s So Powerful, and Why You Need One!

Getting enough done every day is a challenge, even if days are getting longer by 1/75000 seconds every year, it’s not enough to help. We need another option. It’s time for a proven system, a time-tested method of increasing productivity, learning faster, and growing creativity. A process of collecting thoughts, organizing ideas, taking notes, and…

Hello World. We Have a Logo!
Business | Creativity
Hello World. We Have a Logo!

What’s in a logo? Well it depends on whose logo of course, but we put more than a little bit of planning that went into the Ram of RamSync. We are quite proud of it! First off, you might notice a hidden @ sign in the Ram’s horn. This is to represent the @ used…

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