A Zettelkasten with digitally connected notes is revolutionary: an ideal approached by many and yet achieved by only a few. Automatically transforming that Zettelkasten into a mind map? Well, that’s a new level only RamSync has unlocked!

With nearly a dozen pre-built layouts, mind maps and knowledge graphs are a snap! Here we’ll take a look at the different styles available for the edges (lines) in your graphs. Each style has its own flair and potential use. The Multi-Curve, Straight, Zigzag, and Taxi styles simplify the visible lines by overlapping bi-directional connections.

RamSync line styles: visual graph candy!


Great for most graphs! A smooth connection from A to B to C.


A bit more flair, a softer appearance is sometimes useful.


Dazzling lines, perfect for when the lines are the focus.

RamSync line styles: visual graph candy!


The shortest distance between two points, or Notes. Simple and direct.


Spicy. Sometimes it’s just what the doctor ordered.


Ideal for structured layouts including decision trees, flowcharts, or hierarchical data.

Adjusting the Graph

Notes can all be easily moved in graph view. Select a single Note, or grab a cluster (Ctrl or Shift on a PC, Command on a Mac). Sometimes layouts require some adjustments to call attention to key Notes or Connections.

Once the graph is perfect, download an image of your work with an “Export”. The image is easily shared, dropped into a document or presentation. Ready to become an efficient mind mapping rock-star? You got this!

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