Making mind maps is easy in RamSync

RamSync helps build powerful second brains with automated mind maps and adds structure for collaborative knowledge management. We believe visualization component of note taking is often overlooked. As a result, we have built RamSync around interactive graphics and connected thoughts. We’ve created a video tour of RamSync to help you stay your own digital thought garden.

The first of many videos to come! Join me as we walk though a few of the key RamSync features.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on building connected notes with RamSync. A second brain is a living organism and any good Zettelkasten should evolve and grow along with your research needs. There are no set rules, only some general guidelines to help on the journey.

If you haven’t given RamSync a try yet, go ahead and jump in! It’s fast and easy to use, and can immediately help with organization and staying on top of projects. Create your personal account here and take the first step to building the ultimate Zettelkasten!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! If you have questions, comments, or thoughts, send us a note, we love notes!

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