What’s in a logo? Well it depends on whose logo of course, but we put more than a little bit of planning that went into the Ram of RamSync. We are quite proud of it!

First off, you might notice a hidden @ sign in the Ram’s horn. This is to represent the @ used in social media to connect to people, or in our interface Notes and ideas. The inner hexagon represents the underlying network of a Graph Database powering RamSync, and the power of the mind to make connections.

Finally, we feel Rams are kindred spirits. The North American Ram (or technically big horn sheep) lives on the beautiful rocky mountain tops of the world. While climbing trails they make their way along narrow paths that others often miss. Sure-footed and agile, the Ram nimbly finds footing connecting their steps where others miss opportunities of the trail. Rams are cool.

Thanks for joining us on the journey, we look forward to adventuring and making connections together.

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