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Note Connections

Connections keep thoughts organized, ensure ideas are never lost, all while supporting learning and creativity. At RamSync we believe in the power of connections, not only in Notes but all of life! It is the fundamental philosophy which drives us forward.

There are three ways to add connectivity between ideas and Notes in RamSync: Connections, Bi-Directional Connections, and Embedding (also known as block references, or transclusion).

Connections @

Connect notes with a single @. RamSync goes beyond simple links by allowing custom connection descriptions. These descriptions appear on the Graph View for notes on the arrows that connect notes.

Connections go beyond links by adding descriptions!

Bi-Directional Connections/Backlinking @@

Backlinks, or Bi-directional connections are a snap in RamSync! No need to even open both notes.

Simply type “@@” and the referenced note. RamSync will automatically create connections in both notes!

Remember, a single “@” makes one connection. Two “@@” makes two connections, one in each direction! Once created, update either connection independently for complete flexibility.

Bi-Directional linking is a snap in RamSync!
Backlinking or Bi-Directional Connections are just a @@ away in RamSync!

Embedding (Block References)

Embedding uses three @@@ followed by the embedded note title. This makes it fast and easy to incorporate shared concepts across multiple Notes.

Embedding turns Notes into reusable blocks of knowledge, easily shared, replicated, and placed into other ideas and Notes.

Embedding notes displays the entire content of one note inside another. Unlike other platforms, RamSync embedding can display multiple layers of referenced cards. Drill down to any depth with block references, there are no limits!

Embedded block references is easy in RamSync!
Embedded block references is easy in RamSync!

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