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Welcome to RamSync Beta!


To protect your data, RamSync uses an industry-leading authentication service that automatically handles various threats. RamSync offers three methods of account creation for your convenience:

  1. Direct Account Creation/Login
  2. Use a GMail Account
  3. Use a Facebook Account

Direct Account Creation

Step 1: Enter email at app.RamSync.com
Step 2: Send verification code
Step 3: Enter verification code
Step 4: Create a password and enter your name
Step 5: Done!

Sign up for RamSync!
Verify email then create your account!

Use a GMail Account

Step 1: Simply select your Google account, or sign into your google account.
Step 2: Done!

Use a Facebook Account

Step 1: Select “Facebook”. This will either automatically log you in with your Facebook credentials, or ask you to log into your Facebook account to verify.
Step 2: Done!

Facebook account creation is fast and easy!
Facebook account creation is fast and easy!

Please keep in mind, by joining RamSync, you agree to and have read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. During the Beta phase, RamSync is free. As always, if you have any questions just drop us a note!

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